Parametric Search

Empowering Engineers

Parametric Search is often the key criterion when evaluating a high-tech company’s site. But the development challenges are daunting: interactive design, data relationships, data access and quality, and back-end integration. We meet those challenges while eliminating the complexity.

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Made for B2B Search

Built to meet the complex needs of B2B companies, we deliver a sleek user interface, blazing speed, robust technology, and sophisticated and actionable analytics.

Streamlined but Robust

Find the right part fast! We’ve conquered complex user-experience challenges to provide a parametric experience that is simple, refined, and robust enough for complex finding and product data manipulation.

Integrated Technologies

Parametric search is only as good as the relationships and data behind it. We built Big Zeta Parametric Search from the ground up to provide the best possible SaaS-based parametric capability.

Don’t lose your customers at parametric search

Tech-savvy B2B companies leverage Parametric Search engines as their primary finding tools. With advances such as AI/machine learning and contextual integration driving users' expectations, you can't simply hope your parametric search is good enough.

Parametric Search Features

Upload or API

Upload your latest product .csv or connect with an API. Typically, Parametric Search is flexible enough to meet the needs of B2B companies. If you need data-readiness services, we can provide those, too.

Analytics out of the Box

How do you know if your parametric search is working? Developing actionable parametric dashboards has been nearly impossible. But our analytics suite provides customized, actionable reports.

Flexible Configuration

Parametric Search is an extension of your brand. Using Big Zeta Parametric Search, you can configure the results in the ways that work best for your business. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach.

Streamlining Maintenance

Maintaining parametric search can be complex. Big Zeta Parametric Search simplifies the management of parametric data on the web, freeing your product support teams to focus on product differentiation.

Why Big Zeta Parametric Search?

It’s a cost-effective, stable and supportable parametric solution. Our solution managers work with you to maximize design flexibility and data presentation.

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By engineers, for engineers. Big Zeta helps deepen your digital presence through strategy, execution and transformation.


We focus on analytics so you can optimize your search. Our products are born of empirical data and constant-feedback cycles.

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Our holistic, customer-facing platforms work together to drive acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

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