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Digital Data for the Modern World

Amidst an industry shift that requires real time analytics, easy to access information, and an
optimized buyer journey, Big Zeta offers data services for changing times.
By increasing awareness, engagement, and acquisition through smart data strategy,
we help you create a better experience for your customers.


Big Zeta’s innovative Product Information Management seeks to overthrow the internally
focused and long outdated spreadsheets and databases that once housed your insights.
We make sure you don’t suffer the consequences of decentralized data,
missing information, multiple inputs, and disintegrated analytics for another minute.

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Why our data management services are the best


Big Zeta has the time, tools, and expertise to guide your data strategy, storage, and maintenance. Our focus on data relationships leave you free to focus on what you do best.


To get the most out of your data, you’ve got to learn to leverage it. With our years of industry experience, we can help you identify the most innovative solutions for your data.


Introducing new content into old systems, managing system updates, and decentralizing data requires a lot of heavy lifting. We’ll create a cohesive system that makes your process seamless. 


To get the most out of your analytics, data-driven activities should be mapped to the buyer’s journey. Our team of experts is trained to make the most of your numbers. 


Let Big Zeta streamline activities with a single source of data truth, directing your customers to the places you want them to go. From product development to marketing strategy to product findability, an integrated single source of data fuels great customer experiences.


Enable product finding and maximize your investments in other parts of your strategy by centralizing your data, which puts it where you need it, exactly when you need it there. Upgrade your data and data capabilities with Big Zeta’s team of experts today!

Sample Services for Your Data Needs

Taxonomy Analysis
Parametric Data Review, Normalization and Recommendation
Parametric Attribute Prioritization and Template Creation
Allowable Values Recommendations
PIM Set-up and Seeding

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